Where to Begin With Laser Skin Resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing gets a lot of hype in the aesthetics world, and it’s not hard to see why. This treatment transforms your appearance, treating multiple layers of your skin in one fell swoop. 

But as you can imagine with a treatment that sets out to resurface your skin, those results can come at a cost. 

Specifically, laser skin resurfacing often comes with discomfort and downtime. If the laser ablates the surface of your skin (meaning it removes the top layer), you’re likely looking at a weeks-long recovery period. 

Fortunately, ablative lasers aren’t your only option. 

At Skin Deep Laser Medspa, in Pasadena, California, Michael Schwartz, MD, offers Clear + Brilliant® laser resurfacing. 

This no-downtime treatment is an excellent starting point if you’re interested in laser skin resurfacing.

Getting started with laser skin resurfacing

If you’re thinking about laser skin resurfacing, don’t hesitate to ask one of our Skin Deep Laser Medspa team members about it. 

We can answer any questions you have about this treatment, and explain your options. We'll let you know what to expect based on the different types of laser skin resurfacing available at our office. 

Generally, if you’re interested in laser skin resurfacing but you want to ease yourself in, we recommend Clear + Brilliant to start. This way, you can see some of the results of laser skin resurfacing with minimal downtime and discomfort. 

If you like the results and you want a more dramatic transformation, we can then explore options like the Palomar LUX® 1540 and PicoSure™ laser skin resurfacing.

Clear + Brilliant laser skin resurfacing

We recommend Clear + Brilliant as a way to get started with laser skin resurfacing because it’s effective and gentler than ablative resurfacing. This treatment delivers benefits like:

During treatment, Dr. Schwartz moves the Clear + Brilliant laser over the surface of your skin. We can apply a numbing cream beforehand if you’re worried about discomfort during treatment. Once Dr. Schwartz gets started, the entire treatment takes just 30 minutes. 

With a series of Clear + Brilliant treatments, you get more even, beautiful skin without any of the social downtime associated with many other laser skin resurfacing treatments.

If you’re curious about laser skin resurfacing, don’t hesitate to contact our Skin Deep Laser Medspa office. We'll work with you to determine your skin goals and help you pick the right laser skin resurfacing treatment.

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