Ultherapy Skin Tightening


What is Ultherapy®?

Ultherapy® is FDA-approved as the only non-invasive cosmetic treatment to tighten skin around the brows, chin and neck. The FDA has also approved Ultherapy® skin tightening to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles on the décolletage. Ultherapy® is a treatment that uses ultrasound to penetrate deep into the layers of the skin and produce collagen. When this happens, the skin regains its volume causing sagging skin to tighten and look smoother. Ultherapy® helps people look much younger and more vibrant.

What are the benefits of Ultherapy®?

There are so many reasons to consider Ultherapy®. In addition to being the only FDA-approved non-invasive skin tightening treatment, it delivers the following benefits:

  • Results are immediate and get better over time
  • No downtime or recovery
  • No anesthesia
  • Precisely targets specific areas of the face

Is Ultherapy® Right for Me?

If you have noticed that your skin is losing its elasticity to the point that your brow looks a bit furrowed or you have a “waddle” under your chin, Ultherapy® is right for you. The only way to be sure is to schedule a consultation so that we can evaluate your facial skin and make a recommendation with Ultherapy®.

How is Ultherapy® Performed?

The painless procedure uses ultrasonic energy delivered to deep layers of the skin in the targeted areas. Using ultrasound imaging, Skin Deep Laser Med Spa can see precisely where the energy is delivered. When the body feels the laser energy, it produces collagen and rebuilds new skin cells. This results in a gradual tightening of the skin in the targeted areas. The treatment typically takes between 60 and 90 minutes to complete, with most patients only requiring one treatment.

What is Ultherapy® recovery?

There is no downtime with this treatment primarily because it is non-invasive. This means that people can return to their normal routines immediately following treatment. While there are some visible results immediately after the treatment, more noticeable results are visible within two to three months and continue to improve for up to six months. The effects of Ultherapy® last up to three years.

How much does Ultherapy® cost in Pasadena, CA?

The cost of Ultherapy® varies with each patient depending on how many areas are being treated and the extent of those areas. We will discuss the cost with you during your consultation, as well as our payment options including financing through Alphaeon Credit, Prosper® Healthcare Lending and CareCredit® to make more procedures available to more patients.

What do I do next?

If you are interested in Ultherapy®, please schedule a consultation so that we can evaluate your skin imperfections and make a recommendation for treatments with Ultherapy® or another MedSpa treatment. We can also answer any questions you have at that time.


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