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Facial Treatments

As we age, the process of cellular turnover slows down, resulting in a build-up of dead cells on the surface of the skin. In addition, with an increasing number of patients suffering the damaging effects of the sun, age spots and discolorations start to appear on the skin.

Fighting these signs of aging with in-office skin rejuvenation treatments is the key to changing your skin to looking healthy and youthful.

Our staff of medical estheticians will customize a skin care regimen that will treat and protect your specific skin type.


Rejuvenating Peels
These treatments use proven technology to effectively exfoliate, inhibit pigment production and lighten areas of hyperpigmentation. These peels help to repair and reduce breakouts, control oil, soften lines and provide a smoother and even skin texture.

Enzyme Rich Facials
These luxurious facials deliver nutrient rich enzymes to freshen and revive dull skin.

Deep Clean
Ideal for teens and adults with busy schedules. Gently unclog pores to gain cleaner skin. Followed by a soothing anti-oxidant gel.

Anti Acne Detox Treatment
This detoxifying treatment with its strong antibacterial action assists in the removal of clogged pores through deep pore cleansing and gentle extractions. The treatment is followed by an anti-inflammatory mask and nutrient rich gel.

Oxygenating Trio Treatment
This is an excellent treatment for all skin types including tired skin due to environmental damage, smoking, medications, aging and improper diet. Oxygen absorption allows cells to begin a healthy metabolism through cleansing and dissolving toxins. Great for sensitive skin and post laser treatments.

Dermapen Treatment
The Dermapen is a micro needling device that treats wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars, and sun-damaged or loose skin. This handheld device has 11 very fine needles that automatically pierce the skin and retract, allowing the practitioner to deliver precise and adjustable treatments. The tiny "micro-injuries" jump-start a healing process in the skin that includes production of extra collagen and elastin, two vital components of a healthy complexion.

Microdermabrasion Plus
This enhanced treatment begins with deep cleansing and gentle extractions followed by multiple passes of microdermabrasion. This non-invasive, "no fuss" comfortable treatment uses micro-crystals to painlessly remove the surface layer of skin to leave it softer, smoother and fresher looking. The procedure uses a sterile hand piece that projects tiny crystals on to the skin. These crystals blast away dead skin cells that lie on the surface. The same hand piece then draws in the exfoliated skin cells and unclogs the pores. The system stimulates circulation underneath the skin and the production of collagen allowing the smoothing of fine wrinkles. The procedure is completed with the application of a soothing anti-oxidant and hydrating serum.

CONDITION TREATED: Acne scars, rough and uneven skin texture, age spots, brown spots and uneven color and large pores.

RESULTS: Exfoliates several layers to reach deeper, uneven coloration, blends skin color and texture. It also softens fine lines, fades brown spots and reduces acne scarring.



TREATMENT TIME: 45 minutes.

RECOVERY TIME: Immediate. Skin may be slightly pink for a day.

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